My name is Koon W. Ya-inta, AKA "SteadiKoon", I'm a Steadicam operator, trained and certified by Tiffen Steadicam. I am affiliated with the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA) and Society of Camera Operators (SOC). I'm based in San francisco, CA and Thailand, where I'm originally from. I’ve been operating the Steadicam since 2012. I have a bachelor degree in cinematography, motion picture and television from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Working in such different continents gives me a massive advantage in many ways. I'm able to withstand harsh working environments yet feel comfortable enough to articulate the craft and contribute to the work. I get to work with many talented people from all around the world and I always find myself surrounded by creative and lovely human beings. Therefore, my horizon expands every time I work.

Having a background in music is a big plus for me. I was in marching band for 5 years in the percussion section. I've gone to music schools for 7 years to pursue my dream as a percussionist. I started with a western classical music program. Only to find out that my true passion is filmmaking. I've adapted and applied my music knowledge into my Steadicam operation. The way I walk when I operate Steadicam is similar to the way I walked in marching band. I precisely understand how music beats and time signature work. This knowledge tremendously helps me to dance with the actor whilst operating.